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Live Resin and Rosin

Live Resin and Rosin
What’s the difference between live resin and live rosin?

Let’s get to know the difference between the two. Both are “Live”, meaning they’re created from cannabis plants flash-frozen immediately after being cut down. A big contrast from traditional drying and curing methods, which can degrade cannabinoids and trichomes—resulting in loss of potency, aroma, and flavor.

This Live process is the ideal way to preserve the plant’s trichomes, where all the cannabinoids and terpenes live. Think of your cannabis experience as a car: THC is your gas pedal, and terpenes and minor cannabinoids are your steering wheel. Now, let’s shine some light on the differences between Live Resin and Live Rosin so you can find a product that fits your lifestyle.

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What is Live Resin?

Both Live Resin and Live Rosin are available in similar forms like concentrates, vapes, and edibles but it’s their extraction process that differentiates the two.

With Live Resin, fresh frozen cannabis plants are put through a solvent extraction process which utilizes butane, propane, CO2, or another solvent. This dissolves all the trichomes—but since the process works like a chemical magnet, it can favor certain compounds and leave others behind.

The extracted oil can then be developed into gummies, vape cartridges, and various concentrates like glassy shatter. You can expect a flavorful and potent cannabis experience at a good price point.

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What is Live Rosin?

Live Rosin offers a more pure, refined, representation of the plant by using a solventless ice water extraction. This unique process collects the same ratio of cannabinoids/terpene that the original plant offers.

Live Rosin extraction is more intensive and time-consuming than Live Resin extraction, but the end result is a more complex, nuanced flavor profile, a smoother consumption experience, and a cleaner/more robust edible.

Plus, Live Rosin doesn’t use chemical solvents, so it’s considered a more natural, clean product. Think of your usual THC experience as watching a movie on TV, but Live Rosin is like watching it in a 3D movie theater.

What are the different forms of Live Rosin?

You can enjoy the full-spectrum benefits of Live Rosin in a variety of cannabis products like concentrates, vapes, and edibles.

Pro tip: always store Rosin concentrates and vapes in the fridge to best savor the flavor and potency of this labor of love. And be sure to store your vapes upright!


Concentrates are known to provide a stronger experience that’s true to the plant’s terpene profile. Jam concentrate has a fruit preserve-like consistency with mouth-watering aromas. Badder is a smooth and creamy concentrate that’s easier to handle than jam. Bubble Hash appears light blonde to dark brown and is developed using ice water, agitation, and then filtered out using a set of bubble wash bags.

Now that you’ve got your concentrate, how are you going to enjoy it? You’ll need a dab rig or dab pen to achieve the correct temperature, but some adventurous connoisseurs add them to flower pre-rolls and bowls. You can expect THCa percentages from the mid 70s to upper 80s and above.

Note: Concentrates are not available in all markets. Check your local menu for availability.

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What are live rosin vapes?

Want to enjoy live rosin in an easier to use form? Check out a live rosin vape cartridge. You’ll fully appreciate the plant’s complete flavor profile through smooth, potent hits—creating a harmonious high. The ice water extraction method ensures you’re tasting maximum terpenes and cannabinoids; never leftover plant material. All you need is a vape battery to get started. For the best flavor and experience, we recommend using a battery that has multiple heat settings and using it on low so you don’t toast your vape cart.

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What are live rosin edibles?

To truly savor the innovation of Live Rosin, try a bite in edible form. Live Rosin edibles capture all the nuance and flavor of the trichomes without any unwanted taste. Plus, they offer full-spectrum benefits which reflect the optimal potency, terpene, flavonoid, and cannabinoid profiles of each strain. Because of this, you can expect a wider spectrum of psychotropic and physiological effects than regular distillate edibles, unlocking the full potential of the plant.

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Which one is right for you?

If Live Resin is a science, Live Rosin is an art form. Now that you know Live Resin from Live Rosin, it really comes down to personal preference and what works for you. To get started, check our live menus for the latest cutting-edge Live Rosin vapes, edibles, and concentrates.