Blackwater Hash by Hash Assassins


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Blackwater Hash by Hash Assassins

Buy Blackwater Hash by Hash Assassins Online. This is almost a pure Indica cannabis strain which will quickly explain the intense physical effects. Known for treating a ton of physical ailments the body is deeply relaxing, with intense euphoria, psychoactive effects, couch-lock, sleepiness, and intense hunger. The offspring of legendary Mendocino Purps and San Fernando Valley OG you will love the sweet berries and earthy aroma with flavor to match.

If you are unaware of Hash Assassins let’s get you up to speed. This is a group of hash-loving artisans who pass down their methods to a very small close group. Producing small batches of artisanal hash right here in BC using only the best base material you get these beautiful strain-specific hash variations that will wow the most discerning smoker. Blackwater hash is sticky, creamy, dank, and potent.


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