Buy 60mg CBD Snack Pack (Sugar Jack’s)



Buy 60mg CBD Snack Pack (Sugar Jack’s)

Buy 60mg CBD Snack Pack (Sugar Jack’s) Online Europe. 60mg CBD Snack Pack contains 2 gummies of select sugar jacks flavours, making it the perfect on-the-go edible snack. Sugar Jacks Gummies are made with all-natural flavours & colours.

They are handcrafted, infused with premium distillate extract during the cooking process and coated with sugar for extra deliciousness. Our refreshing Variety Pack Gummies are sweet, juicy & incredibly tasty! Ingredients: Cane Sugar, Gelatin Corn Syrup, Manuka Honey, CBD infused tincture, Natural Flavoring, Artificial colours Sugar Jacks’ uses natural cane sugar and Manuka honey sourced directly from New Zealand.

Natural cane sugar gives Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies its signature, fun gummy chew while also providing a fuller-bodied taste compared to processed sugars. To give Sugar Jack’s Assorted Gummies their medicated kick, Sugar Jacks’ create their cannabis infusions from scratch in-house and without the use of any fillers or diluents.


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