Buy CRFT 2g Assorted Vape Pens



Buy CRFT 2g Assorted Vape Pens

Buy CRFT 2g Assorted Vape Pens Online. Offered in 10 strains, these 2-gram Rechargeable Vape Pens in a fresh modern shape feel great in hand, fit the pocket perfectly. They pull great, for those who love white smoke and the experience of the terpenes, these are for you. Made with full spectrum THC oil and smoke true to the weed strain.

Mai Tai – Sativa|

Platinum OG – Indica|

Cola Coka – Hybrid|

Ghost Train Haze – Sativa|

DQ Blizzard – Indica|

Green Crack God – Hybrid|

Fruit Explosion – Indica|

Orange Creamsicle – Hybrid|

Pineapple – Hybrid|

Blue Hawaiian – Sativa|

Strawberry Banana – Hybrid|

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Mai Tai – Sativa, Platinum OG – Indica, Cola Coka – Hybrid, Ghost Train Haze – Sativa, DQ Blizzard – Indica, Green Crack God – Hybrid, Fruit Explosion – Indica, Orange Creamsicle – Hybrid, Pineapple – Hybrid, Blue Hawaiian – Sativa, Strawberry Banana – Hybrid