Buy Distilled THC Vape 1g Pen Diamond



Buy Distilled THC Vape 1g Pen Diamond

Buy Distilled THC Vape 1g Pen Diamond Online. These distillate vape Pen cartridges are a new lineup from Diamond. The strain and flavors taste great and the coil lasts through the full gram. New strains keep being added to their menu, so check in for new inventory!

Diamond Disposable Pens at Cheebas —— These can be recharged —–

Diamond crushes it in the disposable pen arena and always delivers the best and newest flavors and strains. What’s that? Do we carry them all? Yup

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ALL 1G Tips

Blueberry Diesel – Hybrid          |                       Jungle Cake|

Red Dragon – Hybrid                |                        Super Bud|

Blackberry Kush – Hybrid          |                        Mimosa |

Zkittles – Indica                       |                        Gorilla Glue  |

London Pound Cake – Indica        |                     Orange Cookies|

Gushers – Hybrid                   |                          King Kush|

Milky Way – Sativa           |                                La Kush|

Tom For Pink Kush – Hybrid       |                       Cherry|

If you want the ultimate way to inhale THC incognito, then you just found it. Distilled THC is the superior form of marijuana concentrates, it’s purity can reach 96%. This is possible due to advancements in extraction technology.

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Blueberry Diesel – Hybrid         ,                        Jungle Cake, Red Dragon – Hybrid               ,                         Super Bud, Blackberry Kush – Hybrid         ,                         Mimosa, Zkittles – Indica                       ,                         Gorilla Glue ,                          

London Pound Cake – Indica       ,                      Orange Cookies, Gushers – Hybrid                   ,                           King Kush, Milky Way – Sativa           ,                                 La Kush, Tom For Pink Kush – Hybrid       ,                        Cherry