Buy Peak THCA Caviar Diamond Pre-Roll


  • Super High Potency THCA
  • 2 prerolls per jar each 0.5g of THCA Flower
  • 4 Amazing Strains
  • Top Grade Indoor Flower


Buy Peak THCA Caviar Diamond Pre-Roll

Buy Peak THCA Caviar Diamond Pre-Roll Online. Step into the realm of opulence with Peak’s THCA Caviar Diamond Pre-rolls. Our lavish two-pack offers 0.5g each of premium, high-potency THCA rolled to perfection.

Experience the dazzling power of four distinct strains, each chosen for their exceptional quality and effect. These aren’t your everyday pre-rolls – they’re a cut above, enriched with the elite essence of top-shelf THCA. Every draw delivers a potent, satisfying hit, marked by the complex, rich flavor profiles of our chosen strains.

For those who crave the extraordinary, Peak’s THCA Caviar Diamond Pre-rolls are your ticket to a truly transcendent experience.

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Sour Tsunami, Pineapple Express, Strawberry Cough, Lime Sorbet


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