Buy Rocketz Infused Pre-Roll Kush


0.8g of pre-roll of premium kush and kief, dipped honey oil, then rolled in kief.


Buy Rocketz Infused Pre-Roll Kush

Buy Rocketz Infused Pre-Roll Kush Online Europe. Rocketz is here to deliver the galactic experience you’ve been looking for. These pre-rolls are packed with 0.8g of premium kush and kief, dipped in honey oil, and then rolled in even more kief. You will not find a better value for your high anywhere on Earth! As you blast off from Earth and rocket past Elon and Bezos with that giant grin on your face, tell them PVRE sent you!

What is an Infused Joint?

Infused joints have been gaining a lot of popularity recently… and for good reason. Infused joints combine cannabis and an extract, in this case, kief and honey oil. Most infused joints are dipped in cannabis oil and then rolled in kief. The added extracts make a huge difference in the strength of the joint, adding value as you will certainly feel the effects faster.

What to Expect from Rocketz Infused Joints

These weed pre-rolls pack a serious punch. Rocketz is perfect for sharing with friends, smoking over a period of a few sessions, or if you have a high tolerance, smoking one to yourself.


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