Buy SS7 Pre-Rolls 7 Pack Hybrid


.0.6 grams of PREMIUM Flower per pre-roll | Hybrid


Buy SS7 Pre-Rolls 7 Pack Hybrid

Buy SS7 Pre-Rolls 7 Pack Hybrid Online Europe. Hybrid lovers will go ga-ga for this massive cone filled to the brim with potent, energizing, and delicious Hybrid. Just open the package fire this perfectly rolled SS7 joint and blast off to a different universe.

Why Buy Pre-Rolled Joints?

Some people really enjoy the art of rolling a perfect joint… others, not so much. If you are the latter, these perfect pre-rolls are for you! If you need any more reasons to opt for prerolled joints, see our list below:

  • Difficulty using your hands/Disability
  • Convenience (Perfect for the golf bag – don’t forget your lighter!)
  • We roll PERFECT joints, every time.
  • Party Favours
  • Treat yourself


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