Delta 8 Distillate – Clear


  • 1 Kilo
    VARIABLES:Batch specific
  • D8 THC: 85-95%
  • D9 THC: <.3%
  • ORIGIN MATERIAL: Oregon hemp flower
  • TERPENES: None, Botanical, Cannabis-derived


Delta 8 Distillate – Clear

Buy Delta 8 Distillate – Clear Online. Delta 8 Distillate is a psychotropic legal alternative to Delta 9 THC which is found in cannabis. Most consumers report the effect of Delta 8 as similar to that of Delta 9 THC but with a feeling of increased clarity. Additionally, many consumers who report feeling anxiety from consuming Delta 9 THC have found Delta 8 THC doesn’t have that same adverse effect and prefer it as an alternative.

Delta 8 is also considered slightly more mild effects in its psychotropic potency; most report around 75% of the strength of Delta 9 THC. Delta 8 is legal to consume even where cannabis has yet to be legalized since it is hemp-derived.

With our Delta 8 Distillate, you’ll find consistent compliance and reliable potency. Safety is also a top priority with every batch made. Our Delta 8 is produced using industry best practices.

Full panel tests are performed on each batch of our hemp-derived Delta 8 Distillate to ensure reliable results and safety. We test with DEA-certified labs for accuracy. Our batches range from 85-95% Delta 8 THC while staying compliant with levels of Delta 9 THC under 0.3%.


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