Funky Charms Marijuana Strain


Flavour: Sweet | Fruity | Minty | Orange | Sage
Medical Usage: Pain | Inflammation | Depression | Energizing
THC Content: 28%+

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Funky Charms Marijuana Strain

Buy Funky Charms Marijuana Strain Online. Funky Charms is a balanced hybrid marijuana strain created by crossing Grease Monkey and Rainbow Chip. It offers a flavourful and energetic experience, with a taste reminiscent of the cereal it’s named after. The flavour is sweet and fruity, with hints of chocolate and nutty vanilla.

The aroma is delightful, blending chocolate, vanilla, sour citrus, and a touch of spicy menthol. This cannabis strain provides a quick-hitting high that affects both the mind and body. Initially, you’ll feel mentally stimulated, with increased creativity and sociability. This makes it ideal for social situations.

The cerebral experience transitions into a gentle physical relaxation, starting with a tingling sensation and leading to full-body calmness. With THC levels averaging between 22-24%, Funky Charms is a popular choice for managing insomnia, chronic pain, depression, and fatigue.