Gaia Wellness 22:1 CBD Oil 1ml


Organic, Lab-tested, Non-GMO, Natural and Gluten-Free

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Gaia Wellness 22:1 CBD Oil 1ml

Buy Gaia Wellness 22:1 CBD Oil 1ml Online. The 22:1 CBD Oil by Gaia Wellness is an all-natural spectacular Distillate that is perfect for morning and daytime use. This cannabis Distillate has been curated with love, Gaia Wellness is a reputable company that believes in providing its consumers with only the purest ingredients.

This Distillate is manufactured with only the highest quality ingredients to ensure maximum effectiveness. Pure, simple, and delicious! This Distillate is a great way of experiencing a burst of relief and bliss!

Distillates are one of the newest forms of cannabis extracts and are becoming increasingly popular due to the lack of solvents used in the extracting process. Potent and clean, this decarboxylated distillate is made using proprietary technology quite similar to that used in the production of alcohol; however, it has some unique elements specific to cannabis extraction. These cannabis oil distillates can seem very intimidating at first glance (often due to the syringe applicator) but are ideal for those looking for a high-strength, clean product.

The most popular way to use the distillate is an extract vaporizer or Dab Rig. It can also be put onto a rolling paper or on top of a bowl, pipe, or bong. Diverse in its use, distillate can also be used topically, by being applied directly on the skin. Perfect for cooking and baking too, distillate really is a fantastic all-rounder! With minimal smell and no flavor, Distillate offers a simple way to relieve pain, insomnia, seizures, and appetite loss.

Users will feel the effects of the distillate almost immediately. If you’re finding it difficult to get the distillate from the syringe, simply put in a ziplock bag and run under warm water, or alternatively, you can heat the syringe with a blow dryer.


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