Tropicana Cookies Cannabis Flower


Flavour: Citrus | Fruity | Sour | Sweet
Medical Usage: Anxiety | Depression | Nausea | Stress
THC Content: 28%+

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Tropicana Cookies Cannabis Flower

Buy Tropicana Cookies Cannabis Flower Online. The sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross between Girl Scout Cookies and Tangie! This strain is like a burst of sunshine, offering an insanely delicious sour citrus high with a sweet cookie exhale that will leave you craving more.

Tropicana Cookies also has an aroma that’s out of this world. Picture earthy pine and sour spice with a heavy orange overtone that becomes even more tantalizing as the nugs burn.

The high from Tropicana Cookies is a rollercoaster of fun! It starts with an energetic onset that fills your mind and body with tingly happiness and a sense of creative motivation. As the high continues, you’ll feel a touch of relaxation creeping in, leaving your body calm while your mind soars higher and higher.

With THC levels averaging between 21-28%, Tropicana Cookies is perfect for treating depression, nausea, appetite loss, mood swings, chronic stress, or anxiety. Plus, its heart-shaped minty green nugs with dark purple undertones, lots of thin amber hairs, and a coating of chunky dark purple-tinted crystal trichomes make it a sight to behold.